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 DC ATX Power Supply                   JDIX SERIES SUMMARY
   The series is designed based on our patent technology, and reference Intel ATX, EPS
   These models are used in the computers of mobile systems, e.g. Airborne 28V, marine vessels 24V, construction vehicles 24V, tanks, field network server 24V and solar so on. Including some necessary occasions, interruption in the main energy DC24V provies emergency support vehicle-mounted back-up battery.
 DC ATX  Power Supply               JDIX SERIES DETAILS
JDIX7000: DC power supply

J ————————————— JASUNY®Trade mark
D—————————————  DC input only
I  —————————————  1U Rack Mount type
X—————————————  ATX 12V or EPS 12V mode
7—————————————   input voltage7= 24V5=12V
000———————————    Total output Power160W——800W



 JDIX5000 series
12V DC input
1U DC Power Supply

 JDIX5160,JDIX5200   160W   200W

JDIX5250、JDIX5400   250W  400W

 JDIX7000 series
24V DC input
28V DC input
DC Power Supply

JDIX7160,JDIX7200   160W  200W

JDIX7250 DC ATX   250W

JDIX7350 DC ATX   350W

JDIX7400 DC ATX   400W

JDIX7450 DC ATX    450W

JDIX7500 DC ATX   500W

JDIX7600 DC ATX   600W

JDIX7700 DC ATX   700W

JDIX7800 DC ATX   800W

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